Are you a gym bunny? To be honest, there are thousands who really don’t like the idea of exercising and who often struggle to stick to a workout routine too. See here. It’s all down to how boring it can be and sometimes if you’re just not into exercise you don’t care one bit for it. However, when you have been a bit inactive and want to get back into shape, it can be really hard to start up again. It’s not impossible, just a little harder. When you’ve been hurt and been out of the game for a long time too it’s even worse but you shouldn’t let anything stop you.


Despite what you might believe, walking is a great exercise and something that can be easily added to our daily lives. For example, instead of driving down to the shops, you could walk it; or walk to work if it’s not too far. What is more, you can listen to a music player and find you don’t really pay too much attention to walking but rather the music so it’s a lot more enjoyable. This is something which can prevent you from getting bored.


We all used to do these exercises at school; the old bench step-ups. These are ideal for those who want to ease their way back into the exercises once again. You can easily start off with ten reps of step-ups and then take a rest and try another set of ten. Twenty minutes of step-ups can be good and while it’s not too overpowering now, it all helps. You can find you’re building strength in your lower legs and really helps work the cardio also.See more this site:


You don’t have to go crazy with the weights, but you can certainly lift weights to help build the strength in your upper arms, shoulders and back. These are great target areas and once you are able to lift the smallest weights, you can increase. This can be a really simple form of exercise and one that is going to offer you so much. Weight lifting can be very easy enough to do and you don’t have to put too much strain on your body at any one time. You build yourself up to avoid injury.

Jumping Jacks

A lot of newcomers find jumping jacks funny as they were what most people used to do when they were in school. Now, while they are a very basic exercise, they can also be some of the very best too. The reason why is simply because they allow you to give your full body a workout and that is more powerful than anything. Yes, you may have to do some light jumping but you’re working the arms, legs, and almost every muscle within the body. You could do ten of these and find you feel a lot better afterwards and they are super easy to complete.

Start With Simple Exercises

When you haven’t done exercises in a while, your body is not used to them once you start up with them again. It can take a very long time to get your body back to the shape you want it and even then there is still a lot of hard work to do. That is why you have to really think about starting with the basics of exercise so that your body gets used to them. You can find them very effective to say the least. See more this site:

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How Interval Training Works –High Intensity Cardio Is Better For Fat Loss

Let’s talk about how interval training works and how this cardio workout routine is better of fat loss. Well, I guess it is more like it is better to set up for fat loss. I will explain what I mean in a minute.

This topic can get really heavy and scientific, but I’ll try to keep the jargon limited and not turn into a mad scientist on you! click here for more details.

First, we should talk about what high intensity interval training is:

We are talking about a type of circuit training routine that consists of very high intensity work interspersed with moderate level exercise in regular training intervals. For example, a set of as many jumping jacks you can perform for about 60 seconds and then a light jog for 20seconds repeated over and over for 15-20 minutes would be a type of interval training. There are many exercises that work great—think7th grade gym class. Jogging & sprinting, squat jump thrusts (burpees) and lungs, vertical jumps and push-ups, the list goes on and on limited only by your own mind.

Why should you do it?

It is a very fast way to get your heart rate up and burn some calories in a short amount of time for one reason. When you only have a couple minutes to do your workout, this type of exercise plan will set up the body to burn calories as you go about your day. For instance, if you do about 15 minutes of interval training before you get ready to go to work then you will be promoting your body to burn more calories all morning long.

Your muscles oxygen to do the work and get you moving around high intensity interval training workouts use up all available oxygen and your body tries to get enough oxygen to fuel the muscles. Heart rate, increases to an accelerated rate to get oxygenated blood to your body parts. This is an anaerobic process called oxygen debt. for more information, visit :

How Interval Training Works –High Intensity Cardio Is Better For Fat Loss

Oxygen is burned off when doing intervals at high intensity; breathing becomes more rapid in order to replenish the system. Doing work while in this anaerobic state helps to burn a greater amount of calories. This then results in helping to lose weight.

What about lactic acid?

This is where it is difficult to not become a mad scientist. Perhaps a simplified description of lactic acid is that it assists your body burn calories. That is probably over simplified but I don’t want you to be a deer in headlights… or get bored!

The interesting thing is that the same process that causes oxygen debt can also generate lactic acid. Thus, when you workout in a way which causes great effort then the lactic acid will accumulate in the body of the muscle until your systems flush it. More fat calories are burned when the buildup lactic acid is flushed out.

Weight loss from burning more calories.

Interval training causes a condition that burns more calories longer. As I said, more calories s are needed to get rid of the built up lactic acid, but another reason is because the process produces the human growth hormone (HGH). When HGH is abundant in the body, it is more apt to grow muscle and also burn more calories.

In my workout routine, I do a few minutes of high intensity interval training prior to doing any weight lifting or cardio. HITT has been shown to improve cardio fitness and improve distance or pace statistics.


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